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In our experience, successful fundraising is a long-term undertaking that is based on a common strategy, mutual trust and authenticity. The mix of relationship work with donors, marketing measures and press and public relations work requires perseverance and a shared vision.


Therefore, the first step for us is to get to know you and your company. Based on this, we work with you to develop a fundraising strategy, including specific measures.

We have been successfully fundraising for 4 years. Initially started as a volunteer, this field of activity developed so successfully that we became self-employed in this area in October 2020 and founded our own consulting agency. During this time, a great network of like-minded people, creative people and commercials developed, which we can access if necessary.


We look forward to you and your company.

We offer various tools and packages for your fundraising. We distinguish between fundraising via new media and the Internet (online) and traditional methods of collecting donations (offline).

You decide how far we can accompany you: from the concept to the setting up and operation, everything is possible. 



  • website creation

  • social media channels

  • podcast

  • V logs

  • Newsletter

  • crowdfunding



  •   come together

  • dinner nights

  • fundraising runs

  • merchandise

  • donor letters 

Web Beratung

donor organization

  • donor cockpit

  • donor analysis

  • donor recovery


Once the first interested parties start donating to your mission, the organization of your company is the basis for all further action. In this phase, we will of course support you with additional tools and services:

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